A creative challenge and collaboration mobile app.

The Objective

Create a mobile app that allows creatives to practice their skills, promote healthy habits, and collaborate with others.

The Users

An artistic individual who is short on time and energy. They want to practice their craft more often, learn a new craft, and meet new people along the way. They also tend to be insecure and antisocial.


Read Full Case Study -- Contains complete details on the design process.

Read High Concept Doc -- Contains function specifications and target audience.


User Research & Assessment

I surveyed five creators. I asked them about their creative output, their collaborative affinity, and their assessment of the Joybloc app concept. Based on this data:

  • Physical and mental exhaustion are primary causes for a lack of creative effort.
  • Creators can find it difficult to block out time into their day for creative skill-building.
  • It can be difficult to make anything without a defined structure or challenge.
  • Outside of Facebook and Instagram, there is no streamlined method of communication between creative individuals.
  • There is a strong correlation between social avoidance and a lack of motivation. People who receive support in social circles may be more productive in general-- regardless of whether the person has social anxiety or not.
  • Creators place self-expression above all else, regardless of form or function.

I also created a primary persona to refine the core problems my users would face regularly.


Journey Map & Task Analysis

I designed the user journey map by sketching out preparatory material and an empathy map. After gaining clarity on how the community would use Joybloc over time, I conducted a final round of feature assessment to prioritize core features for the app's primary audience. Once features were finalized, I moved forward with prototyping.



Based on the user research and task analysis, I prioritized the challenge aspect of the app first. Due to time constraints, I sketched out some basic mock-ups and got started on an Adobe XD lo-fi prototype.

**Project will resume in June 2019— progress underway!


User Interface Design

**Progress underway.



**Progress underway.


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