Robert Desrosiers

Interaction Design - UX Research - Unity3D Development


Joybloc | Mobile App (Android, iOS)

Research • UX • Interaction • UI Art • Motion • Android JavaScript

Faux Fliers | Video Game (Nintendo Switch, Tablet)

Research • UX • Interaction • UI Art • 3D Modeling • Unity3D C#


Partial | Video Game (PC, Home Consoles)

Research • UX • Interaction • Game • Concept Art • Pixel Art • Unity2D C#

Conception | Software App (PC)

Research • UX • Interaction • Pixel Art • GameMaker: Studio 1.4


User Experience Design

User Research

Project Overview • User Interviews and Surveys • Competitive Analysis • Personas • Mental Models

Task Analysis

Journey Maps • Affinity Diagrams • Empathy Mapping • SCAMPER Assessment • Task Flow


Interface Drafting • Wireframe Prototyping • Lo-Fi Mock-Ups • Heuristics • Metrics Analysis • Hi-Fi Mock-Ups


Game Development

Game Design

Game Concepts • Documentation • Systems Architecture • Information Design • Quality Assurance

Unity3D Development

C# Programming • Gameplay Debugging • Script Refactoring • Version Control


Project Management • Risk Assessment • Time Management • Communication


A Self-Starter, Negotiator, and Collaborator


I am an Interaction Designer and Unity3D Developer based in Houston, TX who enjoys working on lively and colorful projects!

I'm currently aiming to work on smartphone apps, downloadable software, and games available on mobile, PC and on home consoles. By working on projects like these, I'd like to better understand how Interaction Design fits among other disciplines within the production pipeline. I also have a preference towards UX research and design, though I like to practice UI art and programming on the side.

Lastly, I enjoy game jams in my spare time! You can also find me promoting creators and advocating for inclusiveness, transparency, and accessibility on Twitter.


Let's get in touch!

If your project is centered around teamwork, accessibility, or playfulness, don't hesitate to reach out!

Work Availability

Available for Full-Time/Contract work
Available for Houston On-Site, Remote, or Relocation
Based in the Houston, Texas Area

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E-Mail: robert.drsj [at] gmail [dot] com

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