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Joybloc [UX Design Case Study Ext.] : Designing a Creative Challenge Mobile App

Hackathons, game jams, design sprints, and the like are great ways to get your hands dirty in a way that's quick and isn't a huge hit on resources. However, a few common issues I've run into when starting a project is finding a nugget of a great idea to build on.

Creator's block is a common plague within creative industries, and that's okay! It happens when we least expect it and can have us feeling pretty crummy, especially when we feel like we're unable to dislodge that block. Sometimes it's from overwork, health concerns, or maybe we don't have anything to start with.

I've wanted to overhaul my constraint generator prototype for a couple years now; since then I've learned a great deal about how others work, and how I conduct my own processes. I sought to create something that not only helps a creator find and manage an idea, but how to take care of themselves and those around them as well.

So with that in mind, how do I design an app that not only lets creative users practice their skills, but also provides an enjoyable collaborative experience?

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