Welcome to my shiny new site!

Hey there!

So, quick run-down: I made a game dev blog site about two and a half years ago, where I made a game prototype each week for a couple months. Admittedly, that sort of went by the wayside after I found a project I wanted to commit to.

A lot’s changed in two years, and there’s a good bit I’ve learned from back then too. I dealt with a lot of failed projects and needed to refine my hard/soft skills whether that’s from college, working at an established games company, or building a portfolio on my own time. I’ve read up on resources and met some really amazing people that have taught me a thing or five, from legal to UX, and at times I was more naive than I would’ve liked.

Despite everything I did right or wrong, I still believe that the best way to try out game dev is to dive right into the mess and learn hands-on. I managed to figure out how to use Unity well enough to get certified in December, developed more than one game with a testable design after many unplayable prototypes, and developed constructive habits to keep growing as a game developer. I overcame my social anxiety to speak with those I respected, got the courage to speak up for topics I'm passionate about, and have had an amazing time at game dev conferences like Indie Megashow and SIEGEcon. And even if our project didn’t get into the NYU Game Center Incubator we managed to make it past the first round!

So what am I doing now? My priorities have shifted a bit since I started game dev. Now that I’m financially stable doing a part-time sales gig, I’m resuming college in the Fall after four years which is amazing– but I also want to start pursuing game development as a paid job rather than as a hobby.

To that end, I started up a portfolio site that’ll be here to stay. Working in game development means I’ll need to have a strong specialization, but also a broad understanding of other fields. While my old website was made to document my progress on each of my prototypes, the blog focused on UX design and R&D and I’d like to stick to that for this new site. My previous projects were also a good way to explore different game development fields too, and UX is still something I like doing most, soooo let’sa-go!