Blog #1 : Hello You Lovely People

Hello hello!

It’s been about six months since the portfolio site was built, and there’s been a lot going on! I moved back to Texas in July, worked on a couple projects, overhauled this site a couple times, and went to a couple interviews that didn’t pan out. It’s been rough, but exciting.

And apologies for not posting a blog post sooner— I’m sure that if I don’t write a post now (while I’m adding in some recent side projects to the site), I won’t post again for some time.

First note: Readers might have noticed that Joybloc’s UX portfolio page isn’t done yet, and that it’s kind of been like that for a few months. Things have been financially difficult, so I’ve had to cut some subscription fees such as Adobe CC and a number of others. The only sub I currently have is Unity3D which lets me both develop and design in a wide capacity. Since I’m working full-time with odd hours, and an important project has taken priority until May 2019 or so, I won’t be looking at Joybloc again until next summer.

Some other tasks have also taken priority: (1) my car got totaled a few weeks ago and paperwork needs to get sorted for that, (2) I need to find a replacement car soon, somehow, (3) financial aid and VA benefit kinks are being worked out with the university so I can attend classes next spring, (4) ID shenanigans needs to be sorted out for residency, (5) I’m still sort of homeless (lived at 3 different addresses in October alone), and (6) a personal project with a hard deadline has taken priority over any other dev projects (I’l write blog posts about this project in the near future!).

SO! That’s a sh*tstorm!! But things are finally stabilizing, so I’m staying optimistic. :) I ended up being able to vote in my district, and Houston and its surrounding districts flipped from nearly all red to all BLUE! I’ll also be 25 years old on the 25th, will be spending Thanksgiving week with my significant other’s family, binge Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu co-op style, and generally just have a good ol’ time.

Looking through my side projects has also been encouraging— even if I feel inadequate at times, there’s no doubt that practice makes better. With my 3-year anniversary for my first game coming up very soon, I’ll drop a sweet GIF to tease my current project sometime next month to celebrate.

Thanks for reading! <3

Robert Desrosiers