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Robert Desrosiers

Interaction Design • Unity3D Development • Game Design


Latest Work


Process Overview


User Experience Design

User Research

Project Overview, User Interviews and Surveys, Competitive Analysis, Personas, & Mental Models

Task Analysis

User Touchpoints, Journey Maps, Affinity Diagrams, Empathy Mapping, SCAMPER Assessment, & Task Flow


Interface Drafting, Wireframe Prototyping, Lo-Fi Mock-Ups, Evaluation, Metrics Analysis, & Hi-Fi Mock-Ups


Game Development

Game Design

Game Concepts/Documentation, Systems Architecture, Information Design, and Quality Assurance

Unity3D Development

C# Programming, Gameplay Debugging, Script Refactoring, and Version Control


Project Management, Risk Assessment, Time Management, and Communication




I'm a Self-Starter, Negotiator, and Collaborator.


"Don't quote me on this."

- Robert Desrosiers


  • UX Design - Adobe XD & After Effects, Unity (UI), Axure, Android Studio.
  • Graphics - Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Krita, Aseprite.
  • Game Dev - Unity3D/2D, GameMaker: Studio, Unreal Engine.
  • Code - MS Visual Studio (C#), Notepad++, Github (Git), SourceTree (Git/Mercurial).
  • Production - Google Suite, MS Office, Airtable, Trello, Asana, Workrave.
  • Communication - Hangouts, Slack, Discord, Skype, TeamViewer.
  • Video - OBS Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, VLC Media Player, Handbrake, Audacity.
  • Web Design - SquareSpace, Wordpress, Adobe Muse.

Who Am I?

I am an Interaction Designer and Unity3D Developer based in Houston, TX who enjoys working on lively and colorful projects!

I'm currently aiming to work on smartphone apps, downloadable software, and games available on mobile, PC and on home consoles. By working on projects like these, I'd like to better understand how Interaction Design fits among other disciplines within the production pipeline. I also have a preference towards UX research and development, though I'd like to practice UI art on the side.

Game jams, design sprints, and hackathons are what I enjoy most in my spare time, and I'll be attending the University of Houston to finish my Comp Sci B.S. Degree & Psychology Minor. I also advocate for inclusiveness, transparency, and accessibility-- and am most content when my teammates are passionate about their own projects as well.

During my childhood I played games like Pokémon, MapleStory, Crazy Arcade, Kingdom Hearts-- games with a design that would've fallen apart without working together with others (except for Halo 2 which is fun in its own right). The team-driven design of those games (and similarly-designed games in recent years) inspire me to craft similar experiences for future generations, and the spirit of those designs are encourage me to help out my peers as well.

Verbal Languages

  • English (Primary)
  • Korean [Hangul] (Basic Speech, Reading, & Writing)

Scripting Languages

  • Unity C# (Primary)
  • HTML (Basic)
  • CSS (Basic)
  • JavaScript (Learning)


Let's get in touch!

If your project is centered around teamwork, accessibility, or playfulness, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Work Availability

Available for Full-Time/Contract work
Available for Remote or Houston On-Site
Based in the Houston, Texas Area

Contact Info

E-Mail: robert.drsj [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flyinflambe
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robdesrosiers/

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